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Mind, Body & Soul Connection | Grounding | Tangible Nurturing | Authenticity | Clarity | Conscious Awareness


Being in the fast paced music festival industry for many years, Vicky was never shy of being the thrill seeking, work driven, career loving Londoner. Working from dawn until the late hours, she wasn’t aware of how rapidly life was passing by. A visit to Cape Town in 2010, exposed her to the most striking majestic mountains and the city flaunted its beautiful coastal waves at her. She was hooked and come a few months later, the nomad within ensured her feet were firmly planted on South African soil for the foreseeable future.

Continuing her work in the music industry, surrounded by the vistas of Cape Town, her Yogic and Mind Body Journey began. As a way to unwind, Vicky always found stillness, clarity and a pause for herself, when arriving on her mat. An opportunity to be in the present moment and focus on herself, away from the demands of her job.

Her introduction to an Art of Living course, not long after arriving ignited a long overdue curiosity within her that there was something more inside her to offer. Her inner fire ignited and a new shine alive within, so began a journey nurtured in meditation, mindfulness and the physical practice of yoga. Working with music was always a dream, but the demands of combining that with the festival scene saw Vicky looking for more soul nourishment.

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Through increasingly improving her awareness and focus on her physical wellbeing, coupled with a two month solo journey through Guatemala, Vicky shed her internal burdens from the previous years and opened up a door of light into her heart where the magic started to happen. Viking Sunshine was born. She felt love and gratitude, a feelings of selflove for both the higher self and her physical body that she knew she wanted to share with others to help them discover their own happiness, their true selves.


With this gained insight into the body and mind connection, as well as completing her YTT200, her thirst for learning more about the body, came in the form of a Body Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage course. Understanding the way in which the body can hold onto physical pain and tapping into releasing that for her clients, is another way in which she strives to help those that need it. Self-love comes not only in the form of a calm mind, but a cared for body.


Vicky believes now and always, that Life is for Living and it is important to take time for ourselves, whatever that may be in order to feel fulfilment and joy. For her, that comes in the form of Yoga, Massage and Meditation. Yoga is not just a physical exercise, it is a philosophy and working with the body is her speciality. Her massages are uniquely tuned into your body needs and her yoga classes are accessible to all. Whether it is the beginning of your journey and it is the first time stepping onto a mat, or are looking to deepen your practice, her intention is to create a comfortable safe space for every individual to benefit. With a strong belief in providing one to one care for everyone.


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