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Private yoga session is an investment for an individuals’ own growth and health.


I can teach you anywhere you choose, whether one to one or in a very small private group. Giving a more personal approach to your practice.


Whether deepening your practice or at the start of your journey, the classes can be personalized to an individuals’ needs.

Yoga Class
Yoga Class



- Provides a safer session during times of Covid  in the privacy of       your own home. 

- Receive a class specifically designed to meet your needs.

- Scheduled to fit into your life.

- Offers a focuses approach to help you reach your goal. 

- For those with injuries a class environment might not suit your needs.

​- Boost your confidence.


- Beginners private classes reduces the stress or intimidation felt new to the practice


- Provides the foundations to feel comfortable in a group environment.

- Taking your practise outside and reconnecting with nature  is a beautiful experience.





This beautiful and strong combination body alignment and myofascial release is a form of ‘intuitive and mindful’ massage therapy creating equilibrium in the body. This is body work in it most nurturing form


A rebalancing massage works with the body by guiding the connective tissue to lengthen, soften and release any tension our bodies hold onto. Whether an athlete, suffering from chronic pain, or simply looking to balance and align your body, this is truly one of the most effect forms of physical release and could improve the quality of your life.

It is highly recommended to book a series of sessions to ensure the body rebalancing programme is most effective for you, although single sessions are available.

Essential oil infusion available on special request.



- Realigns the body, creating space and a balance.


- Helps lower the level of stress hormones whilst simultaneously boosting dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.


- Increases range of motion and mobility 


- Reduces chronic pain by relieving stressed and overworked muscles, joints and connective tissue.


- Promotes faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.


- Enhances quality of sleep


- Create improved body awareness and promotes self-nurturing through self-healing

- Clients often report a sense of perspective and clarity after receiving a massage.

KAI, 23

From the first class with Vicky I was completely changed, from not having any confidence in my ability or even wanting to try yoga, to wanting to do it every day. Mentally and physically she calms you down and inspires a state of stability and wellbeing. Definitely a must do and I would recommend Viking Sunshine to anyone and everyone to go through this experience.


ALEX, 35

Vicky has helped me reconnect with yoga and my body. I have some yoga experience but after two children and a busy schedule my body was not where I wanted it to be. I first had a deep tissue massage with Vicky. I hadn’t realised how tense and tight my body was and Vicky released my body’s knots and with that some emotional tension I didn’t realise I was even holding on to. Through speaking to her, I felt I gained a greater understanding of the benefits yoga and meditation could bring me. I’m on a journey now to reconnect myself with my body and mind and although I still have a long way to go I’m looking forward to the journey ahead and having something for myself. 


I highly recommend Viking Sunshine to anyone who is looking for someone they can depend on to take them on a journey of change…


A fabulous massage with Vicky. She was professional caring and explained everything about the treatment, I felt very relaxed. The massage was so very good. Vicky has strong hands, and my shoulders feel so much better for the massage. I would definitely recommend Vicky and will be returning for another treatment.


Vicky embodies the whole ethos of Yoga. She took into consideration my ability level and designed her practice accordingly. Her voice and demonstrations allowed me to completely relax yet feel rejuvenated. I love the little personal touch.

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